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Truman Streckfus Persons was born in New Orleans, Louisiana,
on this day in 1924.  He would have been 90 years old today!

"Past certain ages or certain wisdoms it is very difficult to look with wonder; it is best done when one is a child; after that, and if you are lucky, you will find a bridge of childhood and walk across it."
—from “Local Color” (1950) by Truman Capote


I’ve been buying these like crack. Crack wrapped in grape leaves. 



My friends just had their first child. He has been diagnosed with Lissencephaly which is a rare and incurable neurological disorder.

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Jaxon’s parents are good people who have very little money. I know we’re all strapped for cash, but like I said, if you can’t donate, please AT LEAST REBLOG this.

Because if you’re the type of person who is afraid of losing followers by posting a fundraiser for a baby, then damn, you need to rethink your life a little. 



Signal boost again, because this can’t just have 21 notes when a photo of a werewolf’s abs gets 20k.


A wee fact I was made aware of recently, and really quite fascinated by, was that the two people above once met in a London bookshop in 1932.

The old lady is Alice Liddell Hargreaves, the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and the young man is Peter Llewelyn Davies, the boy on whom J M Barrie based Peter Pan!

I’m not quite sure why I find this so intriguing, I just think I’d like to know what two people with such a unique bond talked about.*

* A fictional play called Peter and Alice based on this encounter was written by John Logan and starred Dame Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw.

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